The Idea of this Blog….

Hi there!
My name is Morgana Hilra and I own the blog,
So Hawt SL.

I have created -this- blog, inorder to share with you,
blog posts from some really awesome bloggers that,
also use wordpress!

WordPress has a great tool called, “reblog”…
I thought that this would be an awesome way for me to share really awesome folks blogs and,
at the same time, bring them some awesome traffic.

This is just a side project and,
I do hope it works out as I plan.

For a more detailed description, please read this blog post.

It is just a hobby and a way to help those that have helped ME in the past as well…

There are so many amazing bloggers…
I want to show how much I appreciate their talents in writing,
and photography!

Anyway, ENJOY!


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