~ Tableau Vivant~ New At Collabor88

I find everything from, Tableau Vivant amazing…
There should be no secret that they would end up on this blog!
Keep up the amazing work!!

Tableau Vivant

Another round of Collabor88 and we are so happy with the theme; Alchemist. A science used in the Middle Ages with the goal of changing ordinary metals into gold.

Or another definition that we prefer; a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. Mysterious is exactly what we are going for in this round with three new styles – Rasayana, Wicca and Alchemist.


Long, wild and unruly – Alchemist style for men promises good things in your near future.


Wicca is the female version of Alchemist and she is sure to leave you a little dazed by her oh so witchy ways.


A Sanskrit word that means path of essence. Rasayana is a long style with devil may care locks of curls.

You can purchase all three at:


All three are rigged hairstyles therefore cannot be resized or repositioned.

Each pack contains:

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