Beauty and Sushi

I don’t know about YOU but, I want to go to HER house for lunch!
Never had sushi but, this make me want to try it!
Is there alot of shell fish? I am allergic to that but, I will try anything else!

Nana Minuet


Skin:!Imabee: Petal – Florentien /lightB
Hair:+elua+ Arissa_Fatpack-New@Xiasumi School Festival
Kimono:{MB} Furisode Kimono Earth Crane-New@Xiasumi School Festival
Couch:*bbqq*-The Ming dynasty-Arhats couch [RARE]-C/M
Wagashi:16 – 8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Spring Wagashi-New@Xiasumi School Festival
Kuro Goma:02 – 8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Taro with Kuro Goma-New@Xiasumi School Festival
Maki:12 – 8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Philly Maki-New@Xiasumi School Festival

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